The majority of Armatirion's business and industry is owned by the state, and production, import, and export is regulated. The motives for this are many, the most important being ecology and Armatirion's goal of self-sufficiency.

Nonetheless, there are several competing enterprises in areas where competition is concidered a benefit. Some services, brands, and products are even known outside Armatirion's borders, for example:

Computer hardware and software
running the unique Orange OS.

Advanced graphics and design
software for Orange computers.

Fine leather
shoes and boots.
From formal
to protective.


Construction vehicles;
bulldozers, lifts, trucks, etc.

Airline servicing countless
national and international routes.

Armatirion's chief contribution to international humanitarian aid, HUMED gives free medical equipment and supplies where needed.

MUP publishes academic books by and for scholars all around the world.