Fact book

Occupying the southern half of the Old Continent and most of the Nuarmia continent, Armatirion is the largest nation of Vexillium, spanning approximately 19.075.000 square kilometers. With coasts on all major oceans, she is a mighty seafaring power. Armatirion shares borders with 17 nations.

The Republic comprises 31 counties (Sylvian, Moo-Skee-Tow, and Ptica being the most well-known), each subdivided into a varying number of shires. From temperate in Asterabad to tropical in Marxcity, Armatirion offers a taste of most climates. Geographically, too, the wast stretches of land manifests itself in various forms; from deserts and wind beaten mountains, via long, lush beaches and dense forests, to grassy plains and fertile valleys.

Full official name

The Republic of Armatirion

Popular name






National Day

6th of October, Day of Revolution



Official Language



Huygens (1 H = 0.2 Christiana Crown)


415.8 million (November 300)

Annual population growth


Population density

21.8 per sq. km



Life expectancy at birth

77 years






Area (including rivers & lakes) in square km


The Republic of Armatirion

19 075 000

15.3% of total world land area

"Old" Armatirion, total

10 952 000

60.4% of the Republic

Western Armatirion

5 483 000

Eastern Armatirion

5 222 000

New Armatirion

6 133 000

33.8% of the Republic

Sylvian (semi-autonomous region)

813 000

4.5% of the Republic

Moo-Scee-Tow (semi-autonomous region)

247 000

1.3% of the Republic

Ptica Park (Protected ecosystem)

930 000


Uncalculated at this time

Information on major Regions

The people of Sylvian asked that their land be joined to Armatirion when their agressive neighbour Merité went to war with Phenixia. Sylvian was officially annexted on the 28th of November 297. The region has its own devoluted government and a flag (see the Flag page).

The large island in the Sea of Eulos is named Moo-Scee-Tow by the native population. The explorers from ancient Gronk who came to the island many years ago heard this name, but spelled it Mosquito. Linguists agree that this since became the name of the insect that roams the island. The same insects also made the gronkian explorers leave in a hurry, while the native people of the island through the generations have developed ways to avoid their terror. Through the application of plant extracts and strange magic devices, they seem to be of no interest to the mosquitos. The native people of Moo-Scee-Tow have their own devoluted government, and a flag of their own (see the Flag page).

Ptica National Park
The large island Ptica was jointly governed by the Union of Guwimith and Dependencies and the Republic of Armatirion. Following talks between Guwimith and Armatirion, the official foundation of Ptica Park took place on the 22nd of October 297, making Ptica Park the first and largest natural reserve in the world. The whole island is demilitarised, the small scientific settlements are virtually non-polluting, and all transport to and from the island is by sail boats and solar powered electrogliders.
On the neighbouring islands a new nation arose only a short time after the foundation of Ptica. Neonesia tried to disturb the peaceful existance of Ptica as a Guwimith/Armatirion territory, to little awail. Claims of Neonesian settlements on Ptica was dismissed by extensive exploration of the island. As Lendian historians concluded, the Great Plague (which killed a majority of the world's population) originated from Ptica. The Plague left a unique fauna and flora behind on the island, and this wildlife is what we preserve and protect.
Following the demise of Guwimith, Ptica was wholly taken into the Republic as a devoluted region.